About Me


My name is “Ram Gopinathan” and I am an Architect/Software Engineer with primary focus on developing for “Cloud” and “Devices”. My development background is primarily on the Microsoft platform but lately have been branching on to other platforms as well, primarily trying to be open as possible.

Prior to 2012 I was focused on SharePoint and spent almost 10 years helping customers design, deploy and manage SharePoint farms, along with developing applications on top of SharePoint platform. In 2008 I was fortunate to attend R2 rotation of MCM (SharePoint) program and became first few to achieve the certification, although the program is no longer active, I definitely consider it as one of the highest points of my professional career.

I’m excited about the future of devices and services, not just in the phones and tablets space but also in the embedded and wearable computing space. Gartner has predicted 26 billion devices in IoT space by 2020. With so much of data generated by these apps + devices that could potentially automate most of our day to day activities that are now done manually being pushed up to cloud, insights we are going to gain from this data and connectivity between devices via cloud powered back-end services is going to completely make our lives so much better. Cloud providers and services they provide is only going to grow and get even better to accommodate some of these new scenarios and capabilities. As a developer I’m super pumped and future is going to be an exciting one for sure 🙂



I live in Redmond, WA, married with two kids. I’ve moved around a lot through out my life, in the 90’s moved to the States (East Coast), in 2001 moved to Chicago mainly to be closer to wife’s family and in 2012 we moved to Redmond, WA, although we are very far from our family, we absolutely love it here. We love how green the entire state of Washington is and adore the natural beauty it has to offer. Hopefully this is it, no more moving 🙂

I’m also an avid runner, I use a site called MapMyRun to keep track of all my running. If you are into running look me up on mapmyrun. Staying fit is very important to me and running is fun, motivating, fulfilling and addictive especially if you track your runs. This year I’m challenging myself to run 100 miles monthly with an annual goal of 1000 miles.